Facebook bio ideas

If you are looking for Facebook profile bio idea, on Facebook profile you have to write something in the bio, some people write about themselves and some people write something in the bio for fashion, the better the bio, the more people will like you. I am going to give you the best bio examples in the post.

facebook bio examples l Treding Bio 

• My haters are my biggest motivators

• Myself is very important 😌 

• My mother's my jaan ❤️

• My best friend my life 

• Love is life but money is ksy 

• Your wife is your best friend 

• Friend life is very funny moments 

• Status means status

• I fold my hands, don't bother me.

Examples1- College life was very funny, I like my family very much, I have a best friend who loves me more than my life.

Example2 - I live my life the way I want and I am very happy with my life and what I want

Example3- Don't bother me, I have not created this profile for show, you will know when the time comes.

Example4 - There is no wealth greater than parents and no friend greater than wife. My family is my world.

Conclusion: I have given you some examples of Facebook profile bio in this post. If you liked our post, then share it with your friends.