Earning money from Instagram has become so easy that everyone is earning money from Instagram. There are many ways to earn money from Instagram. If you want to earn money from Instagram then you will have to read this post carefully.

● Four new ways to earn money from Instagram

1. Instagram Product Affiliate

If you have more number of followers then you can earn a lot of money from Insta.

● What is a product affiliate?

You can affiliate any brand's product on Instagram and earn good money like Amazon Affiliate, Flipkart Affiliate, Meesho Affiliate etc.

2. Earn money by promoting Instagram account

Nowadays everyone wants to have more followers but it is very less as people want, so you can take advantage of this lack.

You can promote any person's Instagram account and take money from them. The limit for promoting an account is Rs 5000.

3. How to make money from Instagram sponsor

Some people may not know what a sponsor is, I am going to tell you that people charge a good amount of money for a sponsor.

People earn lakhs of rupees per month from sponsors but it is paid according to your followers. If you have 10 lakh followers then you can charge ₹100000.

If you also want to earn money from sponsorship, then first you will have to increase your followers. Next post is coming on how to increase followers.

4. How to make money with Instagram reels bonus.

Now Instagram has launched its Reels Bonus program using which you can earn good money

You will get money from reel bonus only when your releases go viral. When the reel goes viral, you are given Instagram bonus which can be worth lakhs of rupees.

Reel Bonus is a good program of Instagram, you can take advantage of it now.

Conclusion: There are many ways in the world to earn money online but I have told you about four ways to earn money from Instagram. How did you guys like the post? Tell us in the comments below. Share this post with your friends.