How to make money

how to make money online for beginners

If you want to earn money online, then in this post I am going to tell you about some new ways of earning money online which can help you a lot and improve your financial condition. You will learn 10 new ways to earn money online. from your mobile phone

The digital era has come and people prefer to earn money online more than offline. If you also want to earn money online sitting at your home then you have come to the right post. Let's start.

● 10 ways to earn money online

1.Instagram Reels

2.Hipi app

3.Creating and selling mobile app

4.Facebook Page Earning 

5.Facebook marketplace

6.How to make money on youtube

7.Instagram Sponsorship

8.Gromo Earning App

9.Creating and selling music or sound 

10.Creating and selling online courses or ebooks

1. Instagram Reels- People are earning a lot of money from Instagram Reels in the present time. Some people are earning less than lakhs of rupees per month from Instagram Reels. There are many ways to earn money on Instagram in the present time, you will get such as Instagram Reel Bonus, Instagram Sponsor, Instagram Affiliate, if you want. If you want to earn more money from Instagram, then you will first have to increase the number of your followers. The more followers you have, the more money you will be able to earn.

2. Hipi app- You can upload videos on Happy app and you get paid for uploading videos and you also get paid for watching videos on the app, that is to say, at the price of mangoes and kernels, you will get money from both sides. In the present times, Happy is your monetization. A program has been started on which your account will be monetized as soon as you complete 2500 followers and 1 lakh views and you will also earn money by monetizing from Happy App.

In the present time, you have a golden opportunity to download the Happy app and earn money. In this you do not have to give your money but you will also get golden offers from hipi.

3. Creating and selling mobile app

It is very easy to make apps, if you do not know how to make apps then you can learn to make apps by watching videos on YouTube and in the present time, many people make and send apps and are earning good money by selling the apps. If you do not know. If you want to know how to create apps then you have to go to YouTube and search how to create Android apps.

If you do not want to send apps, then you can create your own app and monetize it and earn good money from Adsense.

You can create apps for free on Google, there are many sites available which will create apps for you for free, you will not even need coding.

4. Facebook Page Earning 

Earning money from Facebook page has become very easy because nowadays many people are earning good money by making videos on Facebook, but you have to create a Facebook page. You can learn to create a Facebook page from YouTube.

You will find many such videos on YouTube which will tell you the whole process for free from the Facebook page till the money comes to your bank account. People are earning lakhs from Facebook pages and you too can earn a lot of money by uploading videos on Facebook page. yes

Many people will ask me in the comments that how much money can we earn from Facebook, I am going to give you some examples like if your video gets 1 million views then your earning will be more than ₹ 10000 and if your RPM is good. So your earning can be up to ₹30000 on 1 million views.

There is no clarity on your video, it depends on which category your video is, what is the length of the video and how many ads will be run in your video. There are some conditions in it. Facebook has its own crater tool for AdSense people.

5. Facebook marketplace 

You must have heard about Facebook Market Place, it is a product of Facebook itself, in this you can send any type of product for free, that is, you will not have to pay any money for listing on it, like if you sell any product on Amazon. If you do, you have to register.

A lot of processes have to be done but this is not the case on Facebook. You can sell your product here for free and can earn good money from here too. Here you can affiliate any product, many people are affiliates. Currently, we are earning a good amount from Facebook Marketplace.

6. How to make money on youtube 

YouTube is the most popular platform because you will not get as much money as you get on YouTube on any other platform. YouTube is a very old platform and on this you can earn a lot of money by creating your channel and monetizing your channel. To earn money on YouTube. You have to join YouTube Partner Program

Whose term and condition is that at present 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch time is required, this may change in future. If you want to earn money from YouTube, then first of all you will have to create your own channel on YouTube and upload daily videos on it. You will have to upload 1000 subscribers from your video and as soon as 4000 hours are completed, you will be eligible to earn money.

You can earn money from YouTube in many ways like YouTube Partner Program, Affiliate Program, you can sell some of your own products here and can also earn good money from sponsors.

7. Instagram Sponsorship 

If you have a lot of followers on Instagram then you can earn a lot of money by sponsoring any brand on Instagram. People earn a lot of money from sponsorship because if you have 1 million followers then you can earn ₹ 100000 from any brand. Will give sponsorship very easily

And if you want to earn more money, then first of all you will have to increase your followers and the more followers you have, the more brands will come to you and your sponsorship will be more.

8. Gromo Earning App

Gromo Up is an updated product selling app on which you can earn good commission by selling any type of app. In this you will get all types of apps like HDFC Sky Kotak New Angel One and also you will get loan apps on it. Like M Pocket Branch Credit and you can also sell credit cards on it, all types of apps are available to you on it, you can earn money in many ways from this app.

9. Creating and selling music or sound 

If you know how to make songs, then you can earn a lot by selling the effect of your songs. Nowadays, many people's songs are sold and a lot of money is charged for them, so if you are a singer then you You can earn money by sending your songs and you can also earn good money by selling their effects.

10. Creating and selling online courses or ebooks

You see, you can create any type of course, like you can create a YouTube course, how to make a complete video, how to make a thumbnail, how to upload it on YouTube, you can prepare the entire course and sell it and you can make your e-book and sell it online. can be

In today's time, many people want to buy different types of courses. Whatever scale you have, you can create a course and send it online and earn a lot of money. This is also a business model way to earn money. Most of the money You can earn by selling courses and selling a book

Conclusion: In this post I have told you about the top 10 ways to earn money online. If you liked our post, then share it with your friends and stay connected with our website to earn money online.